A fertilizer plant north of Austin, Texas, was destroyed in a massive fire that burned Sunday night into early Monday morning.

“Williamson County Judge Bill Gravell said a fire at the American Plant Food Corporation started around 9:30 p.m. Sunday,” KXAN reports.

The plant is located at 9901 North Highway 95 in Bartlett.

When fire crews arrived at the scene, the building reportedly was fully engulfed in flames.

Watch footage of the inferno:

“There is a fire at American Feed Plant. Bartlett Fire is on scene along with various other entities and their hazmat units due to chemical spills. The Emergency Command has stated that it is all under control, but an active fire nonetheless. The fire is not expected to spread, nor there to be a catastrophic explosions from the chemicals. They have determined the fire to be contained and will work on it all night,” the Bartlett Municipal Government wrote on Facebook.

“The City and Fire Department continue to monitor the situation from last nights fire. Air quality is being tested regularly and at this time air quality is good, and not something to be concerned of,” the Bartlett Municipal Government stated in an update.

“Various agencies remain on site, and will continue to be as we assess fully extinguishing the fire and recovery efforts to mitigate environmental impact.”

“The fire being a hazardous-material fire, [it’s been] very complicated,” Steven Wentrcek, chief of Bartlett Volunteer Fire Department said.

“If we were to put a bunch of water on it, we’re concerned about the runoff getting into the local streams. So, we didn’t want to do that.”

KXAN reports:

Grass around the perimeter of the plant also burned. The fire grew to around six acres at one point. How the fire started is under investigation, officials said.

Bartlett Independent School district monitored the fire and communicated with emergency officials.

Bartlett ISD opened the gym and restrooms and said any resident within the quarter-mile evacuation radius was welcome to come to the school during evacuations. The district said it will continue to monitor the situation and make additional plans as needed.

“APF currently operates 11 dry blending locations in Texas and markets thousands of tons of ammonium sulfate annually in the United States, Canada, Central and South America. At American Plant Food Corporation we are committed to delivering fertilizers that give results along with marketing strategies for your continued business growth. As a distributor of our products, we want you to impress your customers and be well connected with them,” American Plant Food Corporation states.



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