This is the truth about the intentions of the growing radical Muslim population living in the UK. It’s the truth the liberal, open-borders Left in America doesn’t want you to see. These are the people Donald Trump is warning us about allowing into our country with no real vetting, besides that of the UN, who has no vested interest in our national security. The people featured in this video could easily be your neighbor. 

An Eye-Opening Two Year Undercover Investigation Into Britain’s Muslim Community

Britain Black ISIS flag radical Muslim

“These are the black flags of Islam. This one is actually the flag of the Islamic State [ISIS]. One day when the Sharia comes, you will see this black flag everywhere. One famous scholar of Islam Sheik he said that, ‘The black flag of Islam will one day fly high over 10 Downing Street’ and that was about 10-15 years ago. It seemed ludicrous back then, but if you look at the way society is moving now, you see it as a very real possibility, the way Muslims are coming forward in this country.”

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