The self proclaimed “feminist” apparently has no problem with using physical force against a woman who is part of a party that opposes his radical ideology…

Here’s the liberal hypocrite, Justin Trudeau talking about how men need to treat women:

Apparently, he forgot about his “softer side” when he elbowed NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brousseau in the chest… 

Following the fracas on the floor of the House of Commons Wednesday night, opposition members of Parliament have taken turns scolding Justin Trudeau for his behaviour, with some even suggesting that the prime minister might be guilty of a crime.

Justin Trudeau elbows his way into a bad day

Justin Trudeau apologizes for ‘failing to live up to a higher standard’

NDP MP Niki Ashton said that “physical violence” had taken place in the House and that “people would call what happened here assault.” Conservative MP and deputy justice critic Michael Cooper suggested that Trudeau’s physical encounters with two MPs could be defined as “criminal assault.” And Tory MP Mark Warawa tweeted that Trudeau was guilty of “physical assault.”
And technically speaking, they might have a point.

Ahead of a vote to limit debate on the government’s doctor-assisted dying bill, Trudeau walked across the aisle and took Conservative Party whip Gord Brown by the arm while inadvertently elbowing NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau in the chest. Trudeau has apologized repeatedly for the incident and said his behaviour was “unacceptable.”

Assault definition is broad

But the act of taking Brown by the arm and ushering him to his seat, “in the most technical sense … probably meets all the requirements for assault,” said Toronto lawyer Daniel Lerner, who was a former Ontario Crown prosecutor.

“The basic definition of an assault is if a person intentionally uses force on another person without their consent.”

(Brown said he told the prime minister to let go of him.)

But that definition is broad and “can capture quite a lot,” Lerner said.

Via: CBC 


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