Geraldo Rivera appeared on Fox News’ Sean Hannity show last night to defend the crisis on our southern border. During the discussion, things got really ugly when Sean Hannity started to lose it over Geraldo Rivera’s defense of illegal aliens living in the United States. Rivera glossed over the deaths of innocent Americans and attempted to make an argument for protecting the illegal aliens who Barack Obama labeled “Dreamers.”

When Geraldo Rivera attempted to squash Hannity’s argument about the 22 year old boy, Pierce Kennedy Corcoran of Knoxville, Tenn was killed in a deadly crash, and the Ronid Singh, the police officer who was murdered by an illegal alien, Geraldo called his argument, “grotesquely unfair” and accused Hannity of using their deaths to make a “political argument.” Rivera continued with his rant, calling Hannity’s defense of innocent Americans who’ve been killed by illegal aliens, “emotional,”

That’s when frequent Fox New guest, Dan Bongino jumped in, and things really got ugly…

It’s really quite ironic that a Democrat would condemn someone for using an “emotional” argument, considering that the Democrats have been ignoring facts for decades in favor of emotional arguments.

While Geraldo went through the laundry list of illegal aliens used for cheap (almost slave) labor, Bongino quickly shut him down, reminding him that the argument is about innocent Americans who are killed by foreigners who have snuck across our borders and are illegally living in the United States.

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Bongino had a great point when he asked about his family members who came to America legally, asking him why he’s so eager to defend those who came here illegally. Bongino asked Rivera: “Geraldo, what about people who are documented, like my wife, and my mother in law, who followed the law? Why are you so concerned about people who broke law, other than the millions who come here legally and the American citizens who finance this country? Bongino continued, “Let me ask you this one question, ‘Is there some global right to citizenship in the United States?'”

That was clearly the breaking point for Geraldo, as he could be seen spinning in his chair.

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Watch the explosive interview here (courtesy of our friends at The Gateway Pundit):

Here’s a photo of the 22-year-old Knoxville KY resident, Pierce Kennedy Corcoran, Sean Hannity was talking about. Pierce was killed by an illegal alien only 5 days ago.

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