Seniors across America really need to be careful and aware of a trend of attacks by black mobs. The assaults are called “the knockout game” or “KO” and mostly occur randomly where groups of black teens just pick out someone and see if they can know the person out in one blow. This “game” has also been called “polar bear hunting” and “no hitter quitter”. It’s been used as a form of gang initiation or just as a sick game to pick out a white person and punch them. Please tell any Senior Citizen you know to be aware of their surroundings and to avoid walking alone when out. I could post tons of examples but the videos below pretty much cover it:

79-year Old Man Attacked While Walking Dog:

Colin Flaherty has written extensively on the topic of black on white assault and the rise in the randomness of when and where they happen:

Homeless man attacked by black teens:

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