So much hate. So much anger. So much time on their hands. But oh yeah…Trump’s the one the left just doesn’t “get”…

A trans artist has turned 200 gallons of her urine into an art exhibit to protest against President Trump.

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A Vice News video shows artist Cassils, who goes by the pronoun “they,” preparing for “their” “Monumental” art exhibit that allegedly takes aim at President Trump rescinding former President Obama’s rule on trans bathrooms. The Obama administration rule had mandated schools allow trans students to choose the bathroom they prefer to use instead of using one based on their anatomy. Under the Trump administration’s new guidance, the states can choose their own bathroom policies.

According to Cassils’ website, the “PISSED” sculpture of the “Monumental” exhibit involves all of the urine Cassils has passed since the Trump administration rescinded the Obama-era policy. Audio from the Gavin Grimm case is also played in the background.

***WARNING***This video can’t be unseen.

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For anyone who’s interested the Ronald Feldman Gallery in New York City, that proudly features “Resist Trump” artwork will be displaying and promoting the trans artist and her giant cube of pee in their gallery. Here are just a few screenshots promoting “they’s” work on their Facebook page :



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