The video below screams TERM LIMITS!

It looks like House Financial Services Chairwoman Maxine Waters is more interested in berating Treasury Secretary Mnuchin than questioning him. He was on Capitol Hill today to appear before her committee when an irritated Maxine Waters got huffy with him. It was all because he told the committee yesterday he had a meeting with a foreign dignitary so he’d need to leave at a certain time. Waters wasn’t too pleased that Mnuchin had to leave so a back and forth began between the two. It’s clear that Waters felt she wasn’t getting respect from Mnuchin so she pulled a power move. Mnuchin pushed back and threatened to never come back to the committee again. Who can blame him?

Rep. Maxine Waters: “This is a new way, and it’s a new day. And it’s a new chair. And I have the gavel.”

Steven Mnuchin reacting to Maxine Waters is the funniest thing you haven’t seen today. Maxine:

“You may go anytime you want.”

Steven: “Well then please dismiss everybody.

I believe you’re supposed to take the gavel and bang it.”

Mnuchin reminded Waters that he came voluntarily to the Finance Committee to answer their questions.

These committee hearings are just a chance for politicians to grandstand to get their mug on the nightly news. It’s embarrassing to see a member of Trump’s administration treated in such a disgraceful way.

Thank goodness Steven Mnuchin is our Treasury Secretary.

He’s doing such a great job!

She should be thanking him for his work, but instead, she’s berating him.


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