Triple amputee veteran, Brian Kolfage, is the most seriously wounded U.S. Air Force member to survive his injuries. Last year, after it became obvious that the Democrat Party leaders in Congress were not going to help President Trump build a wall on our southern border, Kolfage started his own Go Fund Me fundraiser. Kolfage wanted to find a way to get around the obstructionist lawmakers in D.C. and give U.S. citizens the ability to directly contribute to the construction of a wall on our southern border. To date, Kolfage and his team of committed patriots have raised over $26 million on their Go Fund Me site.

Brian took a trip to our southern border last week, and what he discovered was stunning.

As a way to show Americans how easy it is to cross the border from Mexico into the U.S., Brian asked members of his team to film him crossing in his wheelchair, using only one arm to push himself across the New Mexico border. According to Kolfage, the Obama administration denied the construction of a border wall at the New Mexico site, because it was designated as a “natural barrier.”  Kris Kobach, former Kansas Secretary of State, who is part of Brian Kolfage’s We Build The Wall team, can be seen standing next to the sign designating the border at the “natural barrier.”

In the video below, Kolfage can be seen easily crossing over into Juarez, Mexico from a rural area of New Mexico, just outside of Columbus. The point where he crosses over into Mexico is where Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico meet.  The next day, Kolfage wheeled into Mexico from El Paso, Texas, claiming it was, “easy to do.”

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While in New Mexico, Kolfage and his team met up with a group of former Green Beret and Special Forces veterans who make up a volunteer militia on the border. The volunteer militia helps to fill in the gaps for our US Border Patrol agents who are currently dealing with a mass invasion of our border. This video was taken last night at the New Mexico border.  The video shows hundreds of illegal aliens who literally just crossed the Mexico border into the United States. The volunteer militia was able to hold this massive crowd of illegal aliens in place until the U.S. Border agents could get to them, round them up, and process them.

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Brian Kolfage talked to a U.S. Border Agent who expressed the frustration the agents are dealing with, as they attempt to process the massive influx of illegal aliens. The U.S. Border agent, who will remain nameless, told Brian that they are processing illegal aliens that they know are criminals, including hit-men who work for the drug cartels, but since they have kids with them, the border agents are being forced to release them into the general public in the U.S.

Kolfage and his team found piles of documents that would identify the illegal aliens, strewn on the southern border. According to Kolfage, the ID’s they found discarded by the migrants were probably thrown away, so they could get a fresh start with new identities and no criminal records to follow them into the U.S. Kolfage found an ID (seen in the photo below) on the Mexico-U.S. border. It appears to be from a Cuban man by the name of Hernandez Lopez Ronier. We are unable to verify the authenticity of the ID.

According to Kolfage, the border agent he spoke with revealed that illegal aliens who make it through to New Mexico, are given the exact same ID as New Mexico residents. If they come with children, they are held for 48 hours, and are then sent back to Mexico, or bussed or flown to various locations around the United States. According to the unnamed border agent, the top three destinations where the illegal aliens are being delivered to, are New York, Miami, and Los Angeles.

According to the border agent, illegal aliens who make it through with one child or more, are granted with emergency welfare, entitling them to a welfare credit (EBT) card loaded with $1000 per adult and $400 per child. According to Kolfage, the agent told him that the card could be reloaded every month from wherever the illegal alien is living. The border agent also allegedly claims that in addition to the welfare payments, the illegal aliens are also given a “right to work” pass for five years, and are told they could have up to a 5-year waiting period before they face an immigration judge. According to Brian, immigrants who come through our immigration system legally, are only given a 2-year right to work pass.

Kolfage shared a couple of images he took through the wall into Juarez, Mexico.

Apparently, the Mexican drug dealers aren’t fans of President Trump, as evidenced by the “F*ck Trump” graffiti painted on the wall of this unfinished cinder-block wall. The garbage the illegal immigrants are leaving behind on the U.S border looks very similar to the trash strewn around on the Mexican side.

This image shows the abrupt end of a so-called border wall in New Mexico.

This photo is a reminder of the constant danger our U.S. Border agents face. The image of the U.S Border patrol vehicle shows cages that have been affixed to the windows to prevent rocks and boulders from smashing through and harming or even killing the brave agents inside.

An 85-yr-old Vietnam U.S. Air Force veteran fighter pilot relayed how dangerous and challenging life on the border is for U.S. citizens. He told fellow Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage about a new BBQ he recently bought and placed on his property. It was stolen within four hours. 

Kolfage also shared a video that he told us was taken at a La Quinta hotel in El Paso, TX only two nights ago. Brian claims hotels on the border are overloaded with migrants. Kolfage claims that about 300 new people arrived that night at the La Quinta hotel in El Paso, TX.

The border agent also shared stories about diseases that the migrants are bringing with them across the border and told how border agents were recently forced to release everyone from their holding facility to decontaminate it after it was discovered that most of the population was infected with smallpox.

These are just stories from one U.S. border agent. It’s stunning to think about how little the American public really knows or understands about the crisis on our southern border. If only we had journalists who really cared about how our country is being invaded.

We’d love to know what you think about these discoveries. Do you think the United States is facing a crisis on our southern border? Will a border wall fix this issue? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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