Senators submitted questions of the attorneys today during the Democrat Party’s ridiculous and unconstitutional impeachment hearing of President Trump.

One question, in particular, that was clearly directed at the newly “elected” VP Kamala Harris was asked by 4 Republican Senators, Linsey Graham (SC), Ted Cruz (TX), Roger Marshall (KS) and Kevin Cramer (ND), of the Trump attorneys.

After being handed the question, the clerk at the impeachment hearing read it aloud: “Does a politician raising bail for rioters encourage more rioting?”

Trump’s impeachment attorney, Michael van der Veen, who was told he had 5 minutes to answer the question, walked from the side of the chamber to the microphone where he leaned into the microphone and gave a one-word answer to the brilliant question. “Yes,” he responded and then proceeded to walk back to his seat.

The room was silent as he was sheepishly asked if he wanted to yield the remainder of his time, to which he nodded yes.

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There is clearly only one way to answer this question, and in doing so in dramatic fashion, it shined a bright spotlight on the hypocrisy of the Democrats and RINOs who blame President Trump for spontaneously inciting a riot that was pre-planned according to intelligence reports.

When Kamala Harris pleaded with her followers to help bail out violent rioters, did lawmakers threaten to impeach her from the Senate?

On June 1, 2020, as BLM/Antifa riots were spreading across America, former CA state prosecutor, Democratic vice-presidential candidate hopeful, and sitting US Senator Kamala Harris (CA), tweeted a message to her 5.7 million followers, asking them to contribute to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to help post bail for those arrested by law enforcement.

Harris referred to the people who were arrested, as “those protesting on the ground in Minnesota.”

Earlier on Friday, Trump attorney, Michael Van der Veen argued that Democrat lawmakers have repeatedly used incendiary rhetoric with no repercussions. He played a montage of Democrats using the word “fight,” and sadly, America’s newly “elected” Vice President Kamala Harris appeared four different times in the video.


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