During the Coronavirus Task Force press conference yesterday, a female reporter began her question to President Trump by listing all of the things China has done for the US before finally asking a question.

The president picked up on what she was doing with more of a statement than a question.

Watch the exchange and note that details later (see below) proved the president right:

President Trump: “Who are you working for, China?”

Reporter: “Hong Kong Phoenix TV”

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This network was founded and is run by Liu Changle, a former journalist for the Communist Party of China.

Senator Ted Cruz tweeted out asking why this “reporter” was allowed in the WH press briefing:

“Phoenix TV has been waging information warfare in the US for yrs. They are nominally private but actually state-owned. In 2018 I led effort to block them from using cutouts to spread propaganda. MSM should NEVER have given them seat at WH press conference.”

Detailed information came out after the exchange between President Trump and the reporter proving him right:

Elliot Schwartz tweeted part of an FCC filing showing the Phoenix Media is largely controlled by China’s Communist Propaganda Department:


Who is vetting the reporters in these press conferences? Why is a Chinese propaganda news outlet allowed in the WH press conference but an American reporter for One America News is blocked from the WH press conference?

President Trump also finally tweeted out this morning calling out the WHO for being biased towards China:


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