While talking on “The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show,” President Trump spoke about potentially having Tucker Carlson be his Vice President.

President Trump said, “I like Tucker a lot. I guess I would consider him. He’s got great common sense.”

Watch the clip here:

Many online are excited at having Tucker as Vice President, while others are skeptical due to his influence in the media.

This news comes as Tucker says he will donate the max amount if President Trump is convicted:

CNN just released polls that show President Trump dominating Biden in the 2024 Presidential election:

One year out from Election Day 2024, former President Donald Trump narrowly leads President Joe Biden, 49% to 45% among registered voters, in a hypothetical rematch in the latest CNN poll conducted by SSRS. Biden’s reelection chances are buffeted by deeply negative approval ratings, a stagnant sense that things are going poorly in the United States, diminished support among key voter blocs, and a widespread sense that he is not up for the job.

In the potential rematch between Biden and Trump, neither candidate has much room for growth. All told, 51% of voters nationwide say there is no chance at all that they would vote for Biden, and just 4% are not currently supporting him but say there is a chance they will. Nearly half, 48%, say there is no chance they will vote for Trump, and only 2% that they aren’t currently backing him but would consider it.

President Trump is enjoying a big lead ahead of Biden.

With Democrats currently infighting over Israel and Palestine, this leaves an excellent opportunity for Republicans to capitalize on the turmoil.

Having Tucker Carlson as a running mate might boost President Trump further in the polls, seeing as Tucker already has a sizeable following.

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