President Trump arrived at the Palm Beach International Airport yesterday via Air Force One to a huge crowd welcoming him back to Florida.

He’s spending Easter weekend at Mar-a-Lago with family and friends.

President Trump always takes time to greet the people at the airport when he arrives. He signs MAGA hats and shakes hands with the crowd of supporters.

A large and jubilant crowd was waiting for him when he arrived with first lady Melania Trump.

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He interacted with the crowd for about 15 minutes before he left in his motorcade.

Supporters with signs were seen along the way as he traveled to Mar-a-Lago:

This all came hours after the president received vindication via the Mueller Report. After over two years of turmoil where he was being investigated for obstruction and collusion, he was totally cleared.


Of course, the Democrats will continue flailing around for anything negative they can dig up on President Trump.

In the meantime, this will be an especially joyful Easter weekend for the Trump family.


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