FORMER PRESIDENT OBAMA keeps breaking the long tradition of not bashing your successor. Remember how quiet Bush was when Obama was repeatedly going rogue? Yes, Bush waited until Trump to open his mouth like the true RINO he is. Those globalists stick together, don’t they?

President Obama must really dislike President Trump because he’s repeatedly bashed him during speech after speech. It’s getting personal in the latest comments claiming President Trump isn’t acting on global warming because he has “mommy issues”. No kidding! Can you believe this man’s effort to personalize his criticism.

Obama takes a veiled shot at Trump: Says he’s not acting on global warming because of “hate, anger, racism — mommy issues.”

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Michelle Obama isn’t off the hook either. She’s on the road selling her book so she’s got to bring some red meat to the conversation. She has also repeatedly bashed our president to make a buck. Shame on both of them!

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