President Trump made a stop at an Air Force Base in Alaska before he got home from his Hanoi Summit that turned out to be a special moment for Bronze Star recipient Sgt. Sean Rogers.

President Trump announced that Rogers had received the Bronze Star and then called him up on stage:

“Among those with us is sergeant John Rogers who a few weeks ago received the Bronze Star for valor. Where is Sean, where is Sean, Sergeant Sean? Around here someplace.  Where are you?”

“Handsome devil, come up here, come up. Should I bring him up?”

The president briefly joked about the Secret Service and then welcomed Sgt. Rogers up on stage:

Sgt. Rogers stepped onto the stage and was immediately greeted by a smiling President Trump.  Sgt. Rogers looked thrilled and shocked to be up on the stage. President Trump asked him if he’d like to say anything and Sgt. Rogers respectfully said, “No, sir. Just thank you, I guess.”

As Sgt. Rogers walked away, President trump praised his heroism: “Brave guy…He rushed into the enemy fire to rescue a member of his team.”

This was one of many special moments that President Trump has had with our military.

The liberal elites don’t get that these moments are moments that Americans love and appreciate about President Trump.


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