Only months after President Trump was elected, liberals in the city where the job-creating billionaire and philanthropist, Donald J. Trump spent his entire life, treated theatergoers to a Shakespeare play in Central Park, depicting the brutal murder of President Trump who was depicted as Julius Caeser. One of the audience members revealed her shock at the conclusion of the play, saying, “Trump’s” death scene was particularly graphic, with blood “spewing everywhere,” and an American flag hanging overhead.

The show received a lot of criticism over their depiction of Trump’s murder, but finished its run in Central Park anyhow, to the cheers of liberals, including children in the audience.

Activist Laura Loomer rushed the stage during one of their performances, shedding a light on the sick performance. She was immediately removed from the stage and arrested for disrupting the performance.

Liberals have once again, taken their hate for President Trump too far, as they take their latest grotesque, anti-Trump performance mainstream. During a family parade in a major city, liberals mocked President Trump in a disgusting performance that included a make-believe arrest by the FBI in front of an unsuspecting crowd.

CNS News reports – On Tuesday, President Donald Trump was publicly mocked in a Philadelphia parade with the help of Philadelphia Flyers’ mascot “Gritty” in a skit depicting a “Trump” character being arrested.

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Philadelphia’s 119th New Years’ Day Mummers Parade featured a skit in which “Trump” dances with a performer portraying a shirtless Russian President Vladimir Putin – and holds up a sign referencing one of the lewd allegations made against Trump, reports:

“It had Trump carrying a large prop made to look like a VHS tape with the letter ‘P’ on it (a reference to the alleged pee tape mentioned in the Steele dossier) and concluded with Trump being arrested by the FBI.”

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A performer in the Flyers’ “Gritty” mascot costume then appears to save Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty and Lady Justice characters from Trump as the president is being arrested and led off by FBI agents.

The bawdy, rowdy Mummers Parade celebrating fantasy of song, dance and costumes were officially sanctioned by Philadelphia in 1901 as an effort to bring the event under control.

In the video below, the Trump character can be seen dancing to Madonna’s “Material Girl” while dancing seductively with himself, shoving Lady Liberty, dancing with a shirtless Putin, clapping with Uncle Sam, and carrying a large VHS tape with a yellow “P” taped to the front to represent the phony alleged “pee tape” that was allegedly surfaced during the Hillary Clinton funded anti-Trump opposition research.


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