President Trump is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a rally tonight.

The arena is packed!

Right Side Broadcasting has President Trump’s speech live:

It’s ironic that James O’Keefe just released an undercover video (see below) of a Bernie Sanders campaign worker who claims if Bernie doesn’t win that the Sanders supporters will riot and burn the city down.

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The lines are looong!

“Four more years!”

More video of the lines from earlier today:

Vice President Pence made a surprise trip to Culver’s today before the rally:

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has released an undercover video clip of Bernie Sanders campaign field organizer Kyle Jurek discussing the violence they plan if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination. The entire video is at the bottom of this article.

Bernie Sanders Campaign Field Organizer:

“F*cking Milwaukee will burn” if Bernie doesn’t get the Democratic Nomination.

He also says this violence will spread to other cities when police push back.

Does the Bernie Sanders Campaign condone Violence?

The entire video is below:

This openly violent man believes Trump supporters should go to GULAGS! Another reason Americans should never give up their guns!


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