Watch below as President Trump shuts down the coronavirus press conference after reporters became obnoxious and combative. It’s one of the many reasons why Americans voted for President Trump.

President Trump answered a question from CBS reporter Weija Jang about testing for the coronavirus: “US is doing far better than any other country when it comes to testing why does that matter, why is it a global competition to you when Americans are losing their lives every day?”

President Trump then told the reporter to “Ask China.”

The “Aian-American” reporter shot back: “Why are you saying that to me specifically?”

The grandstanding reporter made the question about herself:

CNN’s Brian Stelter picked up on President Trump’s comment and ran with the race card claiming President Trump was targeting the female reporter: Note the chyron/subtitle at the bottom of the screen says: “TRUMP ASKS ASIAN-AMERICAN REPORTER TO ‘ASK CHINA’ ABOUT CORONAVIRUS DEATHS”

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