A uniformed police officer in Virginia said he was refused service at a local McDonald’s because he was wearing a uniform, Richmond.com reported.

Scott Naff, an officer for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, reportedly paid for his food in the drive-thru line, but was allegedly refused the food when he got to the window. Naff’s wife, Cathy, told the newspaper that the employee saw the uniform and told her husband: “I ain’t serving no police.” – FOX

Cathy Naff, wife of Officer Naff told her husbands’ story on Facebook:


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The hilarious, outspoken conservative and President Trump supporter Terrence Williams, went off on the “Ghetto McDonald’s” employee who refused to serve the VA police officer. If you’re on Twitter, Terrence is definitely worth checking out. He’s one of the funniest conservatives on social media and he doesn’t hold back when it comes to his opinions.


Here’s the most recent update to Cathy Naff’s Facebook post that explains what happened after her husband was refused service:

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