Democrat Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris traveled to Orlando, Florida on Monday for a drive-in rally as Joe Biden hid in his basement.

Of course, reporters didn’t bother to ask her any questions about Hunter Biden’s laptop as she deplaned in Orlando. Meanwhile, the President is disgracefully taunted with repetitive, targeted questions from the leftist media.

WATCH Kamala land in Orlando to NO QUESTIONS from the media:

According to a local Orlando reporter, there were approximately 100 people at the rally. It appeared there were more Trump supporters gathered outside of the venue honking horns and chanting “four more years” than there were Biden supporters attending the event.

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Kamala Harris’s speech in Orlando was cringeworthy. She wore Converse tennis shoes and giggled like a little schoolgirl.

By the way, what is “healthcare justice” and “reproductive justice”?

Meanwhile, President Trump is holding 2 to 3 rallies a day with tens of thousands of supporters in attendance.

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