President Donald Trump released a new video on social media calling out Democrats for their inability to deal with border security. He called it “strictly pathetic” because we don’t have enough support for the border security, the laws aren’t being enforced as much as we need them to be, we need more manpower, and the sanctuary city status is an absolute downfall to every city that embraces it. We have people who risk their lives on a daily basis to secure the border but that’s not enough. Trump also told Republicans that it’s up to them to focus on immigration laws and reforms because the Democrats won’t do it.

President Trump’s video easily reminds us that Democrats were up in arms when they realized that Trump’s administration was separating children from their family at the border, but they casually forgot that the last president and maybe the one before him were doing it too. It’s not separating them from their family, it’s holding children in a safe and secure location until their family finally shows up to claim them. Perhaps the parents who send their children alone to hop the border shouldn’t separate themselves from their kids, just a thought.

Mollie Tibbetts was murdered by an illegal immigrant and if that criminal monster wasn’t able to get into America, then that young girl could have gone on to a successful life. But she didn’t. She can’t. She is permanently separated from her family thanks to a weak-minded monster who committed murder, but even worse – slipped by America’s weak border security and was able to get into the country where he committed his crime.

Here is Trump’s latest video, which already has over 500,000 views:

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America’s border needs protection and support from both political parties. Our current force does the best they can with the resources they have, but they need more help. We also need Democrats to put an end to sanctuary cities across the nation. Those cities harbor illegal alien criminals and put Americans and non-violent immigrants in danger. It wasn’t that long ago when sanctuary city status in Philadelphia allowed a violent illegal immigrant to be released, only for him to rape a child.

We may not stop every illegal immigrant from getting in, but maybe we can reduce the number, particularly the criminals. Perhaps we can help immigrants become citizens the legal way. Our system needs an upgrade that is fair, balanced and benefits those entering the country as well as the country itself. The men and women who dedicate their lives to a career to protect the border and put themselves at risk and in the eyes of potential criminals deserve help and support as well.

It really does seem like the modern Democrat wants open borders and bloodshed. Open borders will bring the tossed salad of populations. It will allow everyone in. Surely, that sounds like the most free thing you could do, but then you remember that “everyone” includes the worst of the worst as well. It includes the people who want to milk the welfare system. It includes murderers like the one who changed Mollie Tibbetts’ life forever. America has enough criminals of our own, so one must ask themselves – do we really want more criminals?

We’ve seen what happens with open borders and mass migration, right? Do we really want America to be like that?

What are the Democrats going to do about it? So far the prominent ones are saying all the wrong things. Elizabeth Warren is the first to come to mind as she completely disrespects Mollie Tibbetts and what happened to her. Warren was asked about the situation and she turned it into children being separated from their families. Did she forget that fast that Mollie was someone’s child and now she’s forever separated?

How fast the Democrats change the subject to avoid the hard questions and admit they have a disgraceful agenda is sickening.


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