CNN reporter Kaitlin Collins used a Jim Acosta like approach in her questioning of President Trump today, during his afternoon press conference. Instead of simply inquiring about President Trump’s campaign promise to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, Collins instead, attacked President Trump.

A very aggressive Collins accused President Trump of lying to his supporters, “You ran your campaign promising supporters that Mexico is going to pay for the wall.”

Trump interrupted her, “Here we go again..”

Collins, undeterred, plowed through adding to her original accusation, “And that the wall was going to be made of concrete. You just said earlier that the wall could be made of steel. And right now our government is shut down over a demand from your administration that the American taxpayer pay for the wall.”

Trump smirked and responded to the angry reporter from the anti-Trump CNN network, “A very nice question so beautifully asked, even though I just answered it.” Trump continued, “I just told you that we just made a trade deal, and we will take in billions and billions of dollars, far more than the cost of the wall. The wall is peanuts compared to what the value of this trade deal is to the United States.”

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Trump then explained to Collins that the materials that will be used to build the wall are irrelevant, saying, “As far as concrete, I said I was going to build a wall. I never said, ‘I’m going to build a concrete –.’ I said I’m going to build a wall.”

He then continued to explain why he has chosen to use steel instead of concrete, as originally discussed: “Just so you know…because I know you’re not in the construction business, you don’t understand something…we now have a great steel business that’s rebuilt in the United States. Steel is stronger than concrete. If I build this wall or fence or anything that Democrats need to call it…because I’m not into names, I’m into production, I’m into something that works. If I build a steel wall rather than a concrete wall, it will actually be stronger than concrete.

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“Steel is stronger than concrete, OK? You can check it out.”

Watch the hilarious confrontation with the #VeryFakeNewsCNN reporter and President Trump here:

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