President Trump thrilled the crowd at CPAC today with a rousing speech.

One of the best moments had to be when he discussed the brutal beating Mike Bloomberg got from Senator Liz Warren during the Democratic debate last week (see below).

President Trump imitated how 2020 presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg wanted to get off of the debate stage after being called out by Warren for past comments he made about women:

“The way she treated him…he didn’t know what hit him!”

This will be funny to the president’s supporters but will drive the Democrats crazy.

President Trump tweeted out a thank you to CPAC:

Yes, it was a packed house!


The Dem Debate is a hot mess of constant criticism by all candidates. Embarrassing!

Senator Liz Warren didn’t waste time during the debate when she went right at Michael Bloomberg by calling out comments he’s made about women. She referenced Bloomberg calling a woman “Lesbian horse face and fat broads”…

It was clear that Warren and Bernie Sanders came out to attack Bloomberg, but the focus for most of the people on the stage was on President Trump.

Warren attacked Bloomberg but repeatedly sounded desperate when answering questions.

Warren just scalped Bloomberg in front of the entire country.


Note that Warren follows up by saying she will support whoever the nominee happens to be. LOL!

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