Author, filmmaker and social media sh*t-storm starter Tariq Nasheed, is an unashamed and outspoken racist on Twitter.  Yesterday, after the black, Muslim, Somalian immigrant terrorist used a vehicle and a butcher knife to attack innocent students on the Ohio State University campus. Within one minute of encountering the terrorist, a white police officer Alan Horujko shot and killed the terrorist before he could harm or kill more people. 

Officer Alan Horujko ordered the attacker, later identified as Abdul Razak Ali Artan, to drop the butcher’s knife and then shot him when he didn’t obey the command, university president Michael Drake said.

“The officer encountered the individual by 9:53 — the subject was neutralized by 9:53,” Drake said, underscoring how quickly events unfolded.

Director of Ohio State’s Department of Public Safety Monica Moll echoed Drake’s sentiments, saying Horujko is owed a debt of gratitude. – FOX News

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Tariq Nasheed took to Twitter to criticize the media who called the white cop a “hero”:

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Here is an example of Nasheed’s race-obsessed tweets:

Nasheed refers to police officers as, “race soldiers” in this tweet about the black, Muslim, ex-con, wife and kid beater who had a criminal history of attacking cops, who was killed by a police officer after he shot at them:

Here Nasheed defends the excessive use of the word “racist” which many feel has been so overused that it has lost its relevance:

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