Fox’s Tucker Carlson completely turned the tables on New York Times and BuzzFeed “propagandist” Ben Smith in an interview

When Ben Smith, former NYT journalist and BuzzFeed editor-in-chief, founded a new global “news” organization called Semafor earlier in 2022, people may have been skeptical. That skepticism has paid off.

In an interview that Smith hosted with Tucker Carlson during a pre-launch event for Semafor, smith saw it as an opportunity to attack Carlson and make accusations of racism and white supremacy against the very popular host.

This did not go his way.

As Smith asked leading question after leading question, constantly interrupting Carlson after just a few seconds, the Fox News host found an opportunity to turn the tables, and he absolutely did.

Carlson: “You’ve just suggested that I’m a white supremacist?!”

Smith: “You know that-yeah I found that clip disturbing. The language of replacement theory which you popularized, like specifically the language used by neo-nazis to recruit people to their cause… I’m not suggesting some straight line between words and actions, but it is the phrase that has been used by mass shooters. You don’t have any kind of regrets about popularizing that?”

Carlson: “This is why you are considered, correctly, a propagandist and not a journalist. I just explained in detail, with total sincerity, what I believe, you ignored it, and invoked mass shooters.”

After that, it becomes difficult to decipher what an obviously flustered Smith is trying to say as he talks over Carlson. However, the gist is that he doubles down on calling Carlson a racist, white supremacist and insinuates that his language is responsible for mass shootings.

Carlson, amused and laughing, mocks Smith for being “disturbed” by an 8-second clip and states that this is why nobody takes him seriously.

The interview clip is equal parts hilarious due to Tucker Carlson’s reaction and frustrating due to Ben Smith’s words and ignorance. However, it is still absolutely worth watching,

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