Tucker Carlson interviewed Joe Alioto Veronese, a candidate for San Fransisco D.A. on his Tucker Carlson Show, to discuss how Democrats believe minorities are too stupid or inept to be able to produce a proper form of ID in order to vote.

Tucker became very agitated when his guest, Mr. Veronese attempted to explain his argument about why it’s “racist” to ask minorities to produce an ID to vote.

Tucker slammed his guest, telling him that his premise was racist in and of itself: “Asking for ID is racist because somehow black people can’t get ID. Which is the most patronizing, I would say, borderline racist, assumption I’ve heard this week.”

Veronese went on to explain how historically, asking “lower minority people” for an ID is a “segregation tool.”

Tucker appears stunned by Veronese’s choice of words, as he questions his characterization of minorities who are too stupid to get ID’s, by asking him to clarify, “Lower Minority?”

Tucker seemed perplexed by the DA candidates firm adherence to his belief that minorities shouldn’t be held to the same standard as other Americans, explaining that for almost every other aspect in our lives, we need an ID.

Watch the heated exchange here:

Minorities are waking up and fighting back against the degrading assumption by Democrats that they are too stupid to be able to figure out how to obtain an ID.

Black CRTV White House Correspondent, Jon Miller, put out a powerful and hard-hitting video exposing how Democrats truly feel about Blacks who are too ignorant to obtain an ID, when they use the argument that Blacks and other minorities shouldn’t be forced to have to present an ID in order to vote.



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