Tucker Carlson interviews Jose Antonio Vargas, CEO of Define America…He gave Vargas a reality check!

Vargas takes offense to the way Carlson is framing this? It’s difficult for this illegal to face reality.

He says, “I was an undocumented immigrant in this country” yet he doesn’t think he’s illegal.

Vargas: “My protest yesterday was as an undocumented immigrant, one of 11 million who are viewed as criminals,” let’s pause here for a moment . . . that is one illegal immigrant too many and you ARE criminals . . . now we’ll continue, “my own way of protesting was just – actually – very quietly and respectfully thinking about what it means to be an immigrant in the Trump era, right? So that, that, that was my way,” he stutters on smugly.

Tucker replied, “Okay, well thank you for not breaking anything . . . I’m not accusing you of setting fires, I’m merely saying: where are people who agree with these folks standing up and saying ‘you’re not allowed to do this, you can’t block traffic, you can’t break things, you can’t set fires’, it’ pretty simple.”

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Vargas replies, “This issue is not just quote-un-quote political, it’s personal – we’re talking about millions of people who are related to undocumented people that you call ‘criminal illegals’ everyday, right?” Tucker aptly jumps in and asks of Vargas, “What should I call people who are here illegally? Should I pretend they’re not here illegally?” Vargas, in a flustered state, tries to belittle Tucker, “You ask me to come on your show, pretty much once a week, and I come here as an undocumented person . . .”

Tucker interrupts Vargas: “You may be overstating it a little bit, I think this is the third time – but here’s the point,” Tucker begins before Vargas cuts him off, “Here’s the point, I am here illegally . . . But I, as a person, am not illegal.” Tucker jumps in with a perfect line, “But I robbed a liquor store yesterday, which is illegal, but I’m not illegal . . . I don’t even know what the point you’re making is, I’m not saying you’re a bad person, I’m saying your status is in violation of the law.”

“The way your framing it”…Carlson then says, “actually I was just playing video from yesterday”




“Spare me the nonsense!” – Tucker Carlson

Via: Gateway Pundit

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