A two-time war veteran was videotaped entering an Irving Oil restaurant on Remembrance Day in an unidentified location in Canada and asking to be seated.

Remembrance Day is a holiday in Canada that commemorates the sacrifices of people in all armed conflicts.

The hostesses in the video can be seen asking for the veteran’s identification and vaccination certificate. When he refused to provide them with his medical information, he was denied service.

The veteran walks away from the stand as he explains his situation to the person filming him. “A two-time war vet can’t come into this restaurant and have a meal. Sorry, I’m unvaccinated. I’m a two-time war veteran, and I can’t sit down and eat in this restaurant—and eat a meal with these people who are basically sitting on top of each other, having a great meal.”

“What a nice Remembrance Day—this really represents a great thing. A two-time war vet can’t sit down in an Irving and have a great meal,” he says as he walks to another part of the restaurant looking for a manager.

The veteran approaches a woman who appears to be a manager.  After explaining to her that he would not give his “private medical information” to eat in their restaurant, the manager explains that asking for a government ID and his vaccination status isn’t the same as asking for his private medical information. The two-time war veteran replied: “I can provide you with my war medals where I fought and watched my friends get ripped into shreds so that you guys could refuse me a meal on Remembrance Day!” Instead of offering him a seat and a free meal, the manager told him she was simply following orders and was only doing what she was being told to do.

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Watch the heartbreaking scene here:

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