When Greg Abbott said he wanted to Ban Big Tech Censorship in Texas, it was apparently only because he wanted to be the the one in charge of censoring everyone and defining what speech is free.

Texas Gov. Greg Abott (center) stating that free-speech platforms are somehow anti-Semitic.

Recently, Texas Republican governor, Greg Abbott was in the news because he claimed that he would introduce a bill to ban Big Tech Censorship and allow conservative voices to be heard.  He had been floundering due to the state-wide disaster and official state of emergency induced by his disastrous globalist green energy policies that caused millions of Texans to freeze without power for weeks–some even died.  This forced him to step away from globalism for a moment and focus on reopening Texas 100% after his year of unscientific and unconstitutional Wuhan CCP Virus lockdowns.  The governor appeared to be turning a corner on his globalist ways.

But, Greg Abbott is a real mixed bag of constitutionalism, globalism, and empty pandering.  And, now that Abbott has been given a few days to think on things, he has revealed he has actually been continuing to work feverishly on anti-American unconstitutional globalist speech policies with other Texas Republicans.

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In a statement on March 10, 2021, Abbot–along with Rep. Phil King said they would be introducing a bill to fight antisemitism.  That sounds just fine…until you drill down into Abbott’s broad definition of anti-Semitism, which apparently includes all speech that some lobbyist tells him they do not agree with.  In a statement made available on Twitter, Abbott and Texas Republican Representatives Phil King and Craig Goldman said this while promoting a new bill:

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“Antisemitic platforms like Gab have no place in Texas and certainly do not represent Texas values.”

GAB is a free-speech platform that allows people to, well, speak freely provided that they aren’t saying things that are blatantly unconstitutional.  Leftists and globalists label platforms like GAB as racist and anti-Semitic because they seek to stifle free speech, not because GAB is actually doing anything morally or legally wrong.  Greg Abbott also labels free speech platforms like GAB as anti-Semitic.

What does this say about Greg Abbot and his true ideology and intent for Texas?

GAB is just a platform that allows people to speak freely–a digital bulletin board.  Free speech is a principle that is the major fundamental basis for American civilization.  Free speech, of course, means other people are allowed to say things that you, Greg Abbott, Phil King, and Craig Goldman do not agree with.  This concept is not a difficult one for constitutional Americans to understand.  It is the first and foremost tenet of our civilization.  Yet, Greg Abbott just does not get it.  He seeks to openly defile it with legislation while calling himself a conservative Republican

Gab responded on Twitter with a statement directed at the foolish governor and his duplicitous disciples:

Of course, this is hardly the worst globalist policy enacted by Governor Abbot.

As we mentioned, above Abbott’s policies resulted in an unprecedented state of emergency in Texas due to widespread adoption by so-called republican conservatives in Texas of globalist energy policies.  These energy policies led the state to get fully 23% of its energy from wind power.  This may sound nice because, to those who don’t have to deal with them, wind turbines seem like a good idea.  But that vision of green energy wind farms is completely inaccurate.

As it turns out, while reasonable in special cases as a supplemental form of energy, wind power is very expensive to install and maintain, destroys property values, causes lots of noise, is notoriously intermittent, requires a lot of land, damages wildlife, and can freeze up in cold temperatures–especially when installed by ignorant government policies that don’t think they will ever be affected by a winter storm.  So, depending on wind for 23% of your state’s energy will cause objectively disastrous results.  This inevitably occurred in 2021 when millions and millions of Texans went without power for many days–some for several weeks.  People died due to bad government green energy policies induced by people like Greg Abbott.

So, when Abbott speaks boldly in favor of constitutional principles, is he merely pandering temporarily to conservatives to distract them from the disasters of his continued globalist actions?

When Greg Abbott boasts that will protect speech for all conservative voices, does he really mean that he wants to define what is and is not free conservative speech and then ban speech by those who don’t agree with him?

What other terrible two-timing globalist policies and statements has Abbott made in the past?  Let us know in the comments, below.  We must celebrate and encourage constitutional action, but also hold people like Abbott accountable for their wildly unamerican actions and statements as well.

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