Uh Oh! Freshman Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just declared that she’s the boss. That should scare even the staunchest leftists.

She was discussing criticism over her ‘Green New Deal’ and claimed that no one else had tried to put together something like this. She said she’s the boss until someone else can come up with something.

Notice how she says I, Me, I, Me…

The Dem leaders will eat her alive for trying to throw them under the bus.

“Some people are like, ‘Oh, it’s unrealistic, oh, it’s vague, oh, it doesn’t address this minute little thing, and I’m like, you try! You do it! ‘Cause you’re not! ‘Cause you’re not! So, until you do it, I’m the boss!

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Tim Young perfectly depicts how everyone is sitting back just watching this train wreck in Congress:

“The infighting is going to be fun to watch.”

WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO OR Ocasio-Cortez begins ranting at the 29:41 point:

The narcissism exudes from this Congresswoman who loves to have her mug in front of a camera and loves to be heard.

The problem is she says so much without saying anything at all.

She’s bragging about the failed ‘Green New Deal’ while throwing her fellow Democrats under the bus. That’s not a good idea for a Freshman in Congress especially because her proposal bombed almost immediately.

Burning bridges is never a good idea in D.C.

For now, we’ll just sit back and watch the AOC show. Grab your popcorn!

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