Just what we DON’T need is another loony rich guy with deep pockets who funds radical causes against President Trump…Tom Steyer is like a younger version of George Soros. He’s the guy who just came out with a commercial claiming Trump supporters are white nationalists. See what he did there? He’s trying to make people feel ashamed to be Trump supporters for fear they’ll be labeled a white nationalist. We’re smarter than that!

Billionaire liberal Tom Steyer got a crowd all worked up when he compared Trump to Hitler after a lady in the crowd suggested Trump sounds like Hitler:

A fearmongering Steyer told a crowd at an Iowa town hall  that President Trump communicates effectively like Hitler and must be impeached before he leads the country down a similarly dark path.


Notice how the crowd is all in on this whole “Trump is Hitler” thing. Can you imagine if a crowd of conservatives did this during the Obama years? The more the left goes down this path, the more they turn off voters from all walks of life.

Steyer, the heavyweight anti-Trump activist, has invested tens of millions of dollars trying to convince Democrats to impeach the president, to the chagrin of many party luminaries including House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, who has argued that the best way to oppose Trump is to gain control of Congress.

Steyer and Soros are spending millions to defeat Republicans across America. We’re in a war for the heart and soul of America! Steyer even has a website called “Need to Impeach” He also funded billboards in Times Square and is spending $20 million on other advertising focused on his effort to impeach President Trump.

Is this NOT treasonous behavior or sedition?

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