A 7-year-old boy is facing backlash after some neighbors in his northwest Austin community took offense to a hot chocolate stand he started to raise money for President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall.

The boy’s parents, Shane and Jennifer Stevens, say their son Benton decided he wanted to start the fundraiser after attending the inauguration and watching the State of the Union address earlier this month. –WJLA

Benton’s father Shane interviewed the 7-year-old as he stood behind his hot chocolate stand to show the little entrepreneur in action. In addition to selling a single serving of hot chocolate for $2, Benton gave customers the option of buying a large 50 cent Nancy Pelosi marshmallow. Miniature Beto O’Rourke marshmallows were free. After two days of selling hot chocolate, Benton raised over $1,400 for President Trump’s wall.


According to WJLA – Both Shane and Jennifer are members of the Republican National Convention and call themselves conservatives. They say that the news coverage they watch and the conversation at the dinner table have obviously rubbed off on Benton.

“I think it’s important that (our children) know what’s going on in the world, where we stand, what we believe in,” said Jennifer.

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They say he begged them to set up a hot chocolate stand to raise the money for the wall, and over this past weekend, he set up shop at a Steiner Ranch strip mall.

“Every day he would get off the bus and say, mom can we go do my stand?” said Jennifer.

The local Austin news station featured 7-year-old Benton Stevens in a segment. Benton came up with the idea after watching President Trump’s State of the Union speech. Benton told the local Austin reporters, “Some people are mad, and they call me a ‘little Hitler.'”Benton’s mom, Jennifer a “proud conservative” is unapologetic for her young son’s desire to be politically active, saying, “They should be kids. I just happen to have a very mature 7-year-old who wants to be involved in this. I have a 10-year-old who doesn’t. Benton told CBS Austin News that he would mail President Trump his earnings, or he would go to Washington D.C. to give it to him.

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Do you think Benton’s parents should have prevented him from raising funds for President Trump’s wall, thereby shielding him from hateful neighbors with opposing political views? Or do you think they’re teaching their son a lesson on how to stand up for what you believe in, even if it means taking a few arrows along the way?

Tell us what you think about Benton’s hot chocolate stand for Trump’s wall in the comment section below.

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