What a crazy start to the week! We’re only two days in on a Tuesday and we already have two incidents of the youth becoming unhinged and committing acts of violence on people who are just sitting there doing nothing. The first incident was when a deranged father dared his daughter $100 to smack the Trump hat off of another kid. She did, but we’re not sure if the disrespectful and unhinged father really paid his kid or not. The next attack comes from a girl who is much bigger than the boy she is beating vehemently over the head with what appears to be a dustpan on the end of a broomstick.

The boy in the video is seen sitting in a chair. The girl is standing over him and she swings the dustpan very hard several times, knocking the boy in the head. He sits there and takes his beating. It seems like he was taught not to hit girls. On the other hand, it seems like the girl wasn’t taught much at all at home. We don’t know what transpired before this video, so for all we know it’s just a girl beating up a boy. We don’t know if he said something to set her off, but even if he did – should she attack someone in the classroom and completely disrupt the learning environment and risk suspension or worse? Is this how we’re taught to do things in school? Either way, here’s the video as shared by James Woods.


We really need to ask what’s going on at home of the people in this video, and also what’s going on at home in the video where the Dad dared the daughter to knock the Trump/MAGA hat off the unsuspecting victim.


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Both videos show a wicked case of assault and battery or worse. Is there no discipline at home? Are people not being taught to be respectful humans? What’s going on in the household of someone who picks up a cleaning tool and beats a classmate over the head?

What would have happened if the boy stood up and defended himself in either of these different videos? In the Trump hat video, the dad might have hit the kid himself. There’s no telling what could have transpired if the boy slapped the girl after she knocked his hat off.

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What would have happened if the boy getting beaten over the head hit the girl back? Since he’s white, then he may have been called racist simply for defending himself against a girl who is black. It’s not the color that matters here, but rather the action and we have a violent person smacking the brain out of a person who is just sitting on a chair. That’s not very civilized, is it?

If you have kids, then show them these videos. Make sure your kids, or the kids you know, see these videos and use them as an example of how not to act. Let’s make sure we teach children to be responsible, respectful, and not act like the violent people we see on the Internet.

Defend yourselves at all costs, but do not go viral because you committed a crime attacking someone on tape and thought it was cool.

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