Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu isn’t playing around. He’s going after the propagandist news outlets in Gaza that assist Hamas. The building housing Al Jazeera and the AP was completely destroyed today (see video below). The Israeli Air Force released a statement via Twitter after the bombing. The CEO of the Associated Press claimed ignorance of any connection to or assistance to Hamas (see video below).

“The building contained civilian media offices, which the Hamas terror organization hides behind and uses as human shields. The Hamas terror organization deliberately places military targets at the heart of densely populated civilian areas in the Gaza Strip.”

“Prior to the strike, the IAF provided advance warning to civilians in the building and allowed sufficient time for them to evacuate the site.”

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Watch the video below where an Israeli airstrike on Saturday targeted and destroyed a high-rise building in Gaza City that housed offices of The Associated Press and Al Jazeera. Israel also bombed the home of a top leader of Hamas.

There was a warning to evacuate one hour before the building was bombed:

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The CEO of the Associated Press, Gary Pruitt, claims he’s “shocked and horrified” by the bombing:

No report on the bandaid on his nose… Republicans should be asking AP if they were in a commercial relationship with Hamas, a US State Dept designated foreign terrorist organization.

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