The media will never cover the massive crowds that showed up to see the President today. Instead you’ll see liberal rag “news” sources like NY Daily News start out their coverage of President Trump and Melania’s visit to devasted Texans with these 3 words:

What a shame.

NY Daily News went on to criticize President Trump for treating his visit like a campaign stop and for praising the excellent job Governor Abbott has done thus far. They also criticized him for acknowledging his FEMA Director William (Brock) Long, suggesting he’s “a man who’s really become very famous on television in the last couple of days.” Trump continued, ”We appreciate it very much, you have been just outstanding,” Trump told Long.

President Trump traveled to Corpus Christie, TX to reassure the victims of Hurricane Harvey that the federal, state and local governments are doing all that they can to restore their homes and their lives, following the most devastating storm in Texas’ history.

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Here’s part of what he had to say to the large crowd:

Massive crowds line the streets to see President Trump deliver his remarks about the plans to help the victims of Texas. These are people who have lost everything and they’re standing several rows deep hoping to get a glimpse of the man they trust to restore their broken homes and upside down lives.

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