The leftist media and politicians have started saying that the crazed groups we all saw during the Kavanaugh confirmation should not be called a “mob”. It’s almost like they’re coordinating their message…Ya think? Watch the video below of the media refuting the claim that the mob was ,in fact, a mob. It might be humerous except that it’s off the charts frightening that our media and Dem politicians are working side by side to deliver a total lie. It’s why we do what we do. We want to show you what the mainstream media doesn’t.

We’re not sure there’s any news source on TV that’s reliable. Even Fox News claims to be fair and balanced yet they still distort the truth especially on Sunday when it’s a full-on liberal group commenting and editorializing. Speaking of editorializing, why the heck is Shep Smith still employed at Fox news? He’s a disaster! Not to mention Chris Wallace who can’t hide his disdain for all things Trump. There are others but without social media to give you honest assessments of what’s happening, will the conservative message get out there? Censorship is real and is happening more and more often. When you encounter an effort to silence you or anyone else, please fight back. It’s your right!

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