The hypocrisy of the left has once again been exposed with the effort to make President Trump out to be like Hitler.

Biden advisor Sam Vinograd said that Trump’s comment during his CPAC speech about “reclaiming this nation’s priceless heritage” sounded like Hitler.

There’s one problem…Biden said exactly the same thing during a speech in 2011!

Sam Vinograd says the comment made her “both sick and worried” in a tweet but her comments on air were ill-advised considering the video that resurfaced of Biden saying the same thing as Trump.

Sam, a Senior Advisor at the Biden Institute, said: “On a personal level, ‘preserving our heritage,’ ‘reclaiming our heritage’ that sounds a lot like a certain leader who killed members of my family and about 6 million other Jews in the 1940s.”

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Listen to Joe Biden in 2011 talking about the very same thing:

Who isn’t surprised anymore by the left attempting to compare President Trump to Hitler? It’s like when everything was called “racist” then nothing was racist. The Hitler comparisons are just being yawned at anymore. The shock value is gone because the left has so misused it for just about everything Trump does.

Last summer, this political hack spewed more lies on CNN:

CNN National Security Analyst Samantha Vinograd says President Donald Trump has proven to be a tool of Russian President Vladimir Putin to spread misinformation and disinformation.

She is lying through her teeth in the clip. Donald Trump is NOT an asset of the Russian government!

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