It’s no secret that Women’s March Leader Linda Sarsour is a pro-Palestinian, Sharia law loving Muslim who is a HUGE hypocrite. While she claims to be for women’s rights, she pushes group-think (see the video below) and Sharia law. Anyone who follows this phony needs to delve into Sarsour’s motives and opinions. Sarsour is connected to Hamas and is anti-Israel. She’s even called for a jihad against President Trump. The bottom line is she’s as anti-American as they come.

The video below was posted on twitter but was removed after it began to receive tons of negative replies. It’s of Sarsour telling voters to vote for the Democrat no matter what:

“I don’t care what you think. I don’t care if they’re not candidates that you like. I don’t need you to like them. I need you to vote Democrat …” – Linda Sarsour

Twitter user Kyle Morris: This video was removed once it started receiving a lot of negative attention. Luckily, I saved it.

Sarsour and 69 others were arrested today when she lead a protest against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The screeching voices are such a turn off! This is backfiring on the Democrats! Reports are out that this entire scene was planned out by leading Democrat Chuck Schumer over the weekend. What are they thinking?

After her arrest, she tweeted out: I will be able to tell my daughters and future grandchildren that I STOOD UP. I was not and will not be silent when our bodies and rights are on the line.

It’s easy to stand up and scream like she did when you live in America. Why doesn’t she REALLY impress us and go to a Muslim nation and scream about female genital mutilation and Sharia law? Now THAT would be impressive!


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