The View’s Joy Behar was beaming after watching a clip of Eminem trashing President Trump at the BET awards, where he told his fans that if they support Trump, he doesn’t need them to purchase his music. Behar suggested that Eminem was being brave because literally no one in Hollywood or the music industry has taken such a stand, “That’s why you need to give him [Eminem] credit because very few people in the industry will go out and say, ‘I don’t care if you don’t support me. This is more important than, than my popularity.’ I have never seen it, frankly.” Really Joy? What planet have you been living on for the past 2 years?

Co-host Sonny Hostin told the adoring liberal crowd, “I was actually at the hair salon watching the BET awards and the salon just um, roared when that happened.”  She went on to condemn Trump for using Twitter and other means of communication to express his conservative views and then told the excessively liberal panel that, “I just thought it was very brave.”

That’s when Meghan McCain, who appeared to be silently seething, as she listened to these morons speak to viewers as though they’re speaking to an audience who’s been living on an alternate planet, or don’t have any access to real news finally spoke up, saying, “Actually, It’s more socially acceptable to be a liberal in Hollywood.”

That’s when Whoopi lost it…

Whoopi made a complete fool of herself when she embarrassingly attempted to prove that Meghan McCain doesn’t understand history and that communism in Hollywood was really a right-wing movement. Huh? Whoopi then doubled down and suggested in her condescending tone that a simple trip to Amazon to purchase a few books should help Meghan to understand the history of Hollywood, that of course, only Whoopi truly understands. Whoopi then embarrassed herself again when she tried to prove how many conservatives are working in Hollywood. The first example she used was comedian Tim Allen, whose top-rated show, “Last Man Standing” was just clearly canceled by ABC for political reasons. Whoopi then attempted to think of a second conservative actor and stumbled to finally land on Tom Selleck who hasn’t acted in a major movie or television show for decades. Selleck’s career peaked in the 1990’s. Outside of his occasional appearances on “Friends” as Monica’s boyfriend, Selleck’s career has been almost non-existent.

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Meghan tried to explain to the panel that liberals are treated horribly in Hollywood and that it’s more socially acceptable to be a liberal in Hollywood than a conservative.  She said that she lived in Los Angeles and that she was never more harassed than when she was living there. Meghan told that cast that it’s more popular to be an Obama and Hillary, and even Bernie supporter.

Whoopi then embarrassed herself again, when she tried to convince the panel that Meghan’s assertion that conservatives are blacklisted in Hollywood is ridiculous. Whoopi laughed and corrected McCain saying, ‘Except that all of the conservatives in Hollywood are working. They’re the ones that are working.”  She tried to recall some examples of conservatives working in Hollywood.  The first example she used was comedian Tim Allen, whose top-rated show, “Last Man Standing” was recently canceled by ABC for his political views. Whoopi then attempted to think of a second conservative actor and stumbled to finally land on Tom Selleck. Wow, 2 conservatives in Hollywood! Way to NOT prove your point Whoopi…

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