White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Thursday evaded the question when a reporter asked about Joe Biden’s record number of executive orders.

Biden has signed nearly 3 dozen executive orders in just his first week in office.

Biden is unilaterally legislating and has completely ignored Congress – the Democrats control both the House and Senate yet Joe Biden is moving full speed ahead issuing executive fiats. But why?

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AP reporter Alexandra Jaffe asked Psaki about Biden going against his campaign pledge to “restore unity.”

“Since Biden has gotten into office, he’s been acting largely unilaterally. I mean we saw record-breaking number of executive orders, he has not yet met with lawmakers on Capitol Hill – we are not even quite sure who he’s talking to on Capitol Hill…does the White House believe this is the best way to make policy…?” the reporter asked.

Psaki totally evaded the question and gave a non-answer.

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Let’s compare Joe Biden to the last several administrations:

  • President Donald Trump: 4 executive orders in first week
  • President Barack Obama: 5 executive orders in first week
  • President George W. Bush: 0 executive orders in first week
  • President Bill Clinton: 2 executive orders in first week
  • President George Bush Sr: 1 executive order in first week
  • President Ronald Reagan: 0 executive orders in first week
  • President Jimmy Carter: 1 executive order in first week

Meanwhile, WH Press Sec Jen Psaki is “bringing CIRCLE BACK!”


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