The White House press briefing was halted Tuesday after a reporter passed out in the room.

“We have an emergency,” someone in the crowd shouted.

“Hold on. Did somebody pass out?” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said as she paused the briefing.

Jean-Pierre walked to the back of the room to help before medical personnel arrived.


Daily Caller reports:

The briefing remained postponed for over a minute until the reporter regained consciousness. Jean-Pierre then returned to the podium and confirmed there was a massive heat wave in the room, indicating the temperature caused the incident.

“You are correct. It is hot in here,” Jean-Pierre said in response to another reporter. “Um … I think we’re okay. I think we’re okay. And does anybody need water?”

The briefing resumed once the situation had been mitigated, allowing Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason to finish his question.


Washington D.C. issued an extended heat emergency through Friday, with temperatures in the 90s on Tuesday.

Per Axios:

D.C. issued an extended heat emergency through Friday and activated cooling centers as a stifling heat wave settles in along the East Coast.

A heat dome is building in intensity across the Ohio Valley and lower Great Lakes. It is forecast to shift east-northeastward this week, and potentially peak at record intensity at this time of year for New England.

The National Weather Service forecasts highs in Washington at between 93°F to 99°F through Saturday, with the hottest temperatures arriving later this week.

It’s possible that some locations in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast will see temperatures climb to or above 100°F late this week, given the computer model guidance, which has trended warmer in recent days.

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