Wild Bill For America is a conservative Youtube sensation who’s been offering his hard hitting, spot on commentary to viewers for years. We’d even go as far as to say he is a Tea Party icon in the world of social media. He’s published hundreds of insightful and though provoking videos to help Americans better understand the sorry state we’ve found ourselves in today. Outside of a few videos where he may have “lost it” over one of Obama’s many unconstitutional acts, this is definitely the maddest we have ever seen Wild Bill.

“You know full well the Tea Party isn’t racist or you wouldn’t have used us to promote your rallies. It’s the Tea Party that made your event successful, Mr Beck! And you pocketed a lot of money off the Tea Party”

“Now you’ve become the Bendict Arnold of the Tea Party. You lost me as a friend because of that Saul Alinsky idiotic crack, but now you’ve made an enemy with this hateful sabotaging of the good men and women of the Tea Party, who have done so much for you.”

“I will no longer support anything by Glenn Beck. He’s proven himself to be untrustworthy, two-faced, and will stoop as low as MSNBC in selling out his own friends”

Glenn Beck is finding himself in a lot of personal trouble. By turning against the Tea Party he’ll be losing all the people who have been supporting his lies for years.

He’ll never be accepted in the liberal community because compulsive liars are unacceptable, so he’ll be left with nowhere to go. Some people will do anything to slander the Tea Party because they really fear going back to the traditional values and morals that the USA was built upon and to me that is what the Tea Party really stands for. Keep up the good work Wild Bill.

Via: Wayne Dupree

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