A woman at a high school football game in Ohio on Wednesday was reportedly tased and arrested by a police officer for not wearing a face mask in the stands.

The woman was sitting in the bleachers with her mother when she got into an altercation with the cop about mask-wearing at a middle school in the town of Logan, the Marietta Times reported.

The viral video of the incident shows the woman resisting as the officer struggles to handcuff her for nearly two minutes before he deploys his taser.


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The woman, identified in the report as Alecia Kitts, repeatedly tells the officer to “get off of me,” the video shows.

“You’re not arresting me for nothing, I ain’t doing nothing wrong,” she yells after the officer orders her to place her hands behind her back. Once the officer tases Kitts, she falls to a lower tier of the bleachers, according to the footage.

The use of force shocked others watching the game. “Tasing this lady over not wearing a damn mask,” a witness can be heard saying.

As the woman is finally hauled away, her mother pleads with the cop: “Come on, it’s just a mask!”

Kitts, who appeared to have an American flag-themed mask in her back shorts pocket, was rooting for the visiting team from Marietta City Schools at the time.

The Logan Police Department told the Marietta Times the incident is under investigation.

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