Unbelievable! Women’s March Activist went off on a crazy rant claiming that somehow President Trump’s tax returns are linked to missing black girls in the U.S.:


…to lock arms with one another. We demand that we see Trump’s taxes while we also demand that all of our rights are protected. We demand that we see Trump’s taxes while we also demand that women’s rights be treated as human rights. We must speak with one voice and one accord and we must draw a direct line between Trump’s taxes and missing girls, missing black girls all across this country.

We must say that while we resist one, we resist all or else our fight is inauthentic. We must say Trump’s taxes and equal education. We must say Trump’s taxes no more police brutality. We must say that Trump’s taxes is where we start today but we will not end there. That all our rights must be protected – and who the hell do you think you are to hide anything and treat us as though we are less than human?

Via: GP

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