America’s dishonest media went out of their way to promote the (radical) Women’s March on Saturday in Washington DC.

The far-left Business Insider reported on the Women’s March. Along with their article where they talked about the thousands of women who attended the march. They also included a photo of one of the only women carrying a sign that could be shared with a general audience:

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Here are a few of the signs The Business Insider missed.


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The signs that read, “Vote the F*cker out” and “F*ck Trump” at the Women’s March were also left out of The Business Insider’s article.

It’s curious that the media, who’s been referring to Trump rallies as “super spreaders” of COVID, were not only silent about the thousands of not-socially distanced radical women marching side by side in DC, they promoted the event.

Actor James Woods called out hypocrite Jake Tapper over his suggesting bikers at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally were spreading COVID while ignoring the “thousands’ of participants at the Women’s March.

Twitter user “Femme” tweeted a video of a radical feminist violating everyone’s eyes while attempting to desecrate the pro-life posters being held up by pro-Amy Coney Barrett posters. “Femme” tweeted: “The new Democrat party. This is how they ‘protest’ against pro-life.”

Why isn’t the media showing this video?

The dishonest Democrat media didn’t report about this young Women’s March attendee who screamed into the face of a pro-life supporter for not wearing a mask, as her mask repeatedly fell off her face (See the second video). She was likely spitting all over the poor, pro-life woman who silently stood there while the young radical leftist, feminist berated her.

Actor Dean Cain retweeted an incredible video shared by Drew Hernandez on Twitter that shows a compilation of six feminists losing their minds over President Trump. Does anyone want to take a guess about how many of these six women attended the Women’s March on Saturday?

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