Outward appearances might make you think the Democrats are all on the same team. All the women wore white last night in a show of solidarity during the State of the Union. They all stood up together to cheer when Nancy Pelosi motioned them to. All is well, right?

Well, not so much, if you look closer. Check out Dem Rep. Rosen stand up and give Freshman Dem Rep. Sinema a glance and a comment. Did she just tell Sinema to “Watch your ass”? What do you think? If looks could kill, Rosen had the look moms get when their toddler misbehaves.

Did you notice what Sinema is wearing? It’s not white.

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Could Sinema be signaling that she’s an independent spirit who won’t follow Pelosi blindly?

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The expressions (see below) say everything about how well President Trump delivered his State of the Union speech tonight.

The uplifting and unifying moments were there for ALL  Americans to see including the veterans from WWII.

He touched on so many great accomplishments he’s made so far and so many he’s working on now.


The president got a 76% approval on his SOTU speech!

Is this why Schumer and Pelosi didn’t want him giving the speech?

There were several great moments where he got standing ovations. In particular, when he mentioned the economy and jobs.


Key Democrats couldn’t help themselves. They wore their emotions on their sleeves or in the case of Nancy Pelosi, on her mouth. Pelosi was unstoppable with the chewing and the strange expressions during the president’s speech.

She would look down like she was looking at papers, but it was clear that she didn’t want to look up.

The strangest move of the night was the sarcastic clap from Pelosi. What was that? What kind of leader behaves like a petulant child?

Bernie Sanders scowled and sat there when President Trump said America would “never be a socialist country.” LOL!

Chuck Schumer wasn’t any  better with his body language:




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