On her first show back after being suspended by Fox News for her comments about the anti-Semitic, Somali-Muslim U.S. lawmaker, Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Judge Jeanine blew up the set with her scathing assessment of Barack Obama, his former CIA chief, John Brennan his Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper and fired FBI Director James Comey. She demands that American needs to demand who is responsible for the attempted coup of President Trump, telling her viewers not to be satisfied with the Mueller report and that the American people need to demand that the players in this government coup are held accountable.

Judge Jeanine started her opening statement by saying, “The biggest scandal in American history, bar none—the attempted coup of the United States Government. They conned you, they gamed you, and they lied to you. Over and over and over for three years. They destroyed lives, reputations, and families, and in the end—no one coordinated with Russia–no one—not Donald Trump, not any Trump, not anyone on the campaign.  After two years of prosecutors savagely striving to indict the President and everyone in his orbit—years of the mainstream media, the talking heads, the networks, cable and otherwise, they lying, liberal, Hollywood hypocrites, trying to convince you that he was an illegitimate president.  But in the end—nothing. No collusion—no obstruction—nothing.

Judge Jeanine was just getting warmed up, as she tore into the reckless intelligence community leaders, “And they didn’t care whose lives they destroyed. What mattered, was that they destroyed the outside, the one that we, the forgotten men and women of America put in the Oval. The outsider that convinced us that status quo was a choice, and that he could do better. They chipped away with unending zeal, desperate for any connection— threatening families and witness and individual civil liberties to obtain their corrupt goal of removing the President of the United States. All the while, in spite of it,  President Trump worked tirelessly to better our lives, our economy, and the security of this great nation. You know, we constantly hear about voter suppression from the left, but the biggest voter suppression effort ever, took place at the highest level of our government, as they tried to oust the man they couldn’t control.  And when you think about a coup, you think of the military, but here, the effort to discredit this president was by law enforcement manipulation, the intelligence community, and the law enforcement community, the DOJ and the FBI. And the snake at the head…CIA Director John Brennan.

The outspoken judge continued, “People scoff and laugh at the idea of a ‘deep state,’ but you’ve watched it all, up close, and personal. These swamp scum lie for a living. From clueless Clapper on down.”

Watch, as Judge Jeanine continues to destroy Comey, Loretta Lynch and ultimately, former President Barack Obama.”

In the video below, James Clapper can be seen confirming everything Judge Jeanine claimed in the opening statement last night, as he tells CNN’s Cooper Anderson that he, James Comey and John Brennan were tasked by Barack Obama to put together all of the reporting they had on the “Russian interference.” Clapper is essentially admitting that if it weren’t for Barack Obama, who  “set off a whole sequence of events,” we would not have the Mueller investigation.

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