In January 2021, Wayfair sided with the liberal mob and dropped MyPillow products from their online store.

Liberals celebrated:

In response, conservatives boycotted Wayfair — and bought their home goods from using promo code “FedUp” directly instead (100 Percent Fed Up benefits when you use that code).

Now, this:

Wayfair’s stock has dropped over 80% since January 2021 (via

And Wayfair is issuing new debt — InvestorPlace reported:

Now, Wayfair’s downtrodden investors have been hit with another development that’s not going over well. Reportedly, Wayfair intends to offer a whopping $600 million worth of convertible senior notes, due 2027.


The response to this big-money debt issuance proposal was immediate. By 11:00 a.m. Eastern, W stock was down between 5% and 6%. Bear in mind, the shares had already fallen from $195 to around $50 in 2022 before Wayfair dropped this bombshell on its investors.

Just to clarify, convertible senior notes are basically a type of short- to medium-term debt that a company can issue, which will convert into equity (stock shares) at some point. It’s fine that Wayfair will receive a major capital infusion by issuing these senior notes. However, the company will have to pay it all back with interest.

Canceling MyPillow was a big mistake!

Liberals forced conservatives to choose between an online store and a man who fights for conservatives.

With MyPillow winning, will other companies stop fighting conservatives?

Will we return America to the open economy it should be?

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It’s not just pillows at MyPillow:

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Help us win this fight!

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