Andrew Pollard, a creator of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine, admitted on Tuesday that it is neither affordable nor sustainable to continuously vaccinate everyone above the age of 12.

On BBC Radio 4’s Today program, Professor Pollard said, “It really is not affordable, sustainable or probably even needed to vaccinate everyone on the planet every four to six months.” This statement comes during a time when it seems the entire world is trying to triple-vax every person older than 12.

Andrew Pollard on BBC’s HARDtalk

“We haven’t even managed to vaccinate everyone in Africa with one dose,” Pollard continued, “so we’re certainly not going to get to a point where fourth doses for everyone is manageable.”

Pollard, who is also in charge of the UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization, suggested that policymakers should “target the vulnerable” instead of trying to vaccinate everyone over the age of 12, then give them all booster shots every 6 months.

Prof Andrew Pollard

Due to the mild nature of the Omicron variant, Pollard pointed out that, aside from the vulnerable population, “it’s highly unlikely that we’ll have programs going forwards regularly of boosting everyone over the age of 12”.

The Biden regime continues to push for all U.S. citizens to get the booster shots, as the FDA recently announced it has authorized boosters for children ages 12-15.

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