We got to resist this; you can’t let this continue.”

Tucker Carlson weighed in on Joe Biden’s plan to monitor Americans’ text messages for misinformation in an epic monologue describing the frightening reality of censorship in America. Carlson describes the move by the left and the federal government to use the covid pandemic to encroach on our civil liberties. His closing remarks are chilling because he calls on Americans to resist this censorship:

“The people running the government have one standard for enforcing the law for people who agree with them, and a different one for those who don’t agree with them. That is third world. Now those same people just gave themselves the power to read and censor your text messages. We got to resist this; you can’t let this continue. Or else you’re going to wake up in a very different place from the place you were born.”


On April 1, 2020, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted notification on his personal page on his highly censored platform, where he attempted to encourage Facebook users to add a ring with the words, “I’ve been vaccinated” around their profile photo to show they’re a “good citizen” versus a “bad citizen.”

From his Facebook page:

A guest post from Blue State Conservative by guest author Charles “Sam” Faddis from AND Magazine may help Facebook users to understand why users, including like 100 Percent Fed Up, have been accused of publishing “fake” or “misleading” news over daring to share information about the dangers of taking the COVID shot.

You Think Zuckerberg’s Massive Investment In RNA Vaccine Development Has Anything To Do With Facebook Censorship Of Vaccine Information?

Recently, I posted on my personal Facebook page some video shot outside of a hospital in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The video showed protesters who were opposing the hospital’s decision to require all personnel to get vaccinated against COVID-19. A speaker in the video pointed out that the vaccines being marketed never completed the normal full scope of FDA testing and were being made available pursuant to emergency use authorizations (EAU’s). All of this is undeniably, factually true.

Nonetheless, within hours Facebook shut down the video and advised me that I had violated “community standards” by spreading “disinformation” about vaccines.

Which started me wondering. Why did Facebook care so much about this topic? Was it really just a matter of an overriding need to impose group think and conformity or was there something else at play? So, I started looking.

Mark Zuckerberg owns Facebook. He also owns a number of other entities. One of these is called the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. Zuckerberg’s wife is named Priscilla Chan. When Zuckerberg and Chan created the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative in 2016, they announced that they would be putting $3 billion into “curing disease.”

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is typically described as a philanthropic initiative as if it were a non-profit of some sort. It is not. The Initiative is an LLC – controlled completely by Zuckerberg and Chan. The LLC structure allows Chan and Zuckerberg to invest in non-profit and for-profit entities.

The Initiative is involved in a whole host of ventures. One of them is something called the BioHub. It was stood up with an initial investment from Chan and Zuckerberg of $600 million. It is located in California adjacent to the campus of the University of California’s San Francisco Mission Bay campus.

Even a quick look at BioHub, its personnel, and the direction it is taking shows that it is focused intensely on vaccine development and, more specifically, on RNA vaccine development meaning exactly the kind of vaccines currently being marketed for use against COVID-19.


BioHub has an entire section dedicated to vaccine development operations. The man tapped to head that section is Peter Kim, formerly the head of Merck Research. Merck is, of course, one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies.

One of the key advisors to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is Don Ganem, a virologist and head of infectious disease research at Novartis. Novartis is currently one of the largest manufacturers of COVID-19 vaccines. Ganem is apparently remaining in his position with Novartis even as he takes on his new role with BioHub.

A quick look at BioHub’s website confirms what these personnel moves suggest. BioHub is focused on viral research and the development of vaccines.

“As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, infectious diseases and emerging new viruses remain a major threat to human health. Our goals are to understand virus-host interactions as a guide to developing antiviral therapeutics, to develop vaccines that can prevent infection, to preemptively identify emerging viruses, and to disseminate the technologies needed to diagnose and discover the source of microbial infections in the developing world.

“These efforts are anchored by the pioneering work of CZ Biohub co-president Joe DeRisi in microbial genomes and genomic diagnostics, and by Senior Investigator Peter Kim, whose lab is developing new strategies to enable vaccine creation.” https://www.czbiohub.org/infectious-disease/

This text appears below an image of the Chikungunya virus. Chikungunya is a viral disease. There is currently no vaccine or specific drug against the virus.

Additional information available on BioHub’s site makes clear that the primary focus of their efforts is on RNA viruses. This would be the exact type of virus represented by COVID-19 and other coronaviruses.

In short, Zuckerberg and his wife are now in the business of developing and marketing vaccines, with a particular focus on vaccines that are used against exactly the kind of viruses represented by COVID-19. They have already invested a massive amount of money in this effort. Given the anticipated market for RNA virus vaccines going forward as COVID mutates and “booster” vaccines are required, they stand to reap a return of billions of dollars on their investment.

So, when Zuckerberg’s minions at Facebook shut down any criticism of vaccines and do their best to stamp out “vaccine hesitancy,” what they are really doing is protecting their boss’s investment. If the world wakes up and starts asking questions about the necessity for new vaccines or the methodology used in ensuring they are safe, Mark stands to lose a boatload of cash.

That can’t be allowed to happen. Cue the fact-checkers. Bury the truth.

This is the new world in which we live, one in which Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Government fuse, and the average American is expected to shut up, sit down and do what he or she is told. We have elected representatives who are supposed to stop this kind of thing from happening, but then those reps have an insatiable desire for campaign contributions, and America’s new Robber Barons have a lot of money to donate.

The vaccines continue to be marketed. All independent debate about their safety or necessity continues to be crushed. Zuckerberg continues to win, and you and I continue to lose.

By Charles “Sam” Faddis

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