The dual system of justice in this country is alive and well…arbitrary enforcement of “justice” is objectively a terrible thing that is both dangerous and crushes confidence in our institutions.

Being a Democrat (ie. rabid leftist) has its perks. Sure, sane people think you’re nuts and nothing if not a hypocrite, but there are advantages to being on the wrong side of history and morality. For starters, you never have to admit you’re wrong even if it’s well documented with video proof. No one will call you out in the mainstream media and conservatives that attempt to will be silenced, censored, and smeared.

The biggest advantage to being on the left side of issues means never being held accountable for things you’ve incited or participated in. Getting slapped with a misdemeanor is about the most extreme punishment a liberal can expect. Burning and looting buildings, assaulting people, and attacking cops, you know, “mostly peaceful” activities, have become a cherished past-time for left-wing activists with little to no fall-out.

RedState posted an article titled: “Left-Wing Activists Do an ‘Insurrection’ and Perfectly Demonstrate Our Dual Justice System”, and then went on to document the duplicitous enforcement of the law.

Writing for RedState,  Leslie McAdoo Gordon wrote:

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It is difficult to see the disparity in the treatment of comparable non-violent misdemeanor cases with similar facts as anything other than a gross abuse of prosecutorial power.  The public, the media, and Republican lawmakers should demand that the flagrant disparity in the treatment of these January 6 protestors cease immediately.  Scores of lives will be seriously and unnecessarily damaged if this abusive process is allowed to continue, to say nothing of the destruction of the public’s faith in the neutrality of the criminal justice system.

According to RedState, Ms. McAdoo Gordon draws on decades of legal expertise to:

Compare and contrast the prosecutions stemming from January 6th to how the DOJ has handled nearly identical cases in the past. To put it lightly, the dual system of justice in this country is alive and well, and regardless of how hysterical one might be about January 6th, arbitrary enforcement of “justice” is objectively a terrible thing that is both dangerous and crushes confidence in our institutions.

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500+ left-wing activists blockaded every entrance to the “Biden” White House, demanding that he include an AOC pet project into his infrastructure bill. Lucky for them, the few that were detained were almost immediately released. Apparently, it pays to have “friends in high places”. Will Ocasio-Cortez be held accountable for inciting an “insurrection”?

Democrat activists are emboldened by this grotesque unequal application of our nation’s laws. They know that trespassing on federal property to make demands of Congress will get them ZERO jail time, and same-day release if they are arrested. While hundreds of Trump supports were apprehended on January 6th, most guilty of nothing more than a misdemeanor for trespassing, according to the DOJ.

We recently reported on the two-tiered system of injustice in America:

(VIDEO) Lara Trump To Sean Hannity, If Justice Was Equal Then Joe Biden Wouldn’t Be President And Hunter Would Be In Jail


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